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"We do not shake this": The Green Group adheres to the nuclear phase-out-despite the continued operation of the nuclear power plant

Wednesday  19:10,   28 september 2022

, according to Robert Habeck, two nuclear power plants in 2023 can be expected. The Green Group supports the course - and does not see it from a departure from the nuclear phase... >>>

In the Montblanc-Haus in Hamburg, ink-black treasures can now be admired

Wednesday  18:50,   28 september 2022

writing instruments © Montblanc Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein or Ernest Hemingway-their previously unknown notes can be examined in the new Montblanc house in Hamburg. by hand, letters , notes, diaries: Today they are a rarity. And the rarer is... >>>

FDP tip stands against Habeck and penetrates more nuclear power

Wednesday  18:00,   28 september 2022

The proposal of Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) for brief continued operation of two German nuclear power plants is criticized in the FDP. The plan is a step in the right direction, but "in our view is not sufficient," said FDP >>>

North Korea: Launch of two new ballistic missiles just before the arrival of Kamala Harris

Wednesday  17:30,   28 september 2022

© supplied by Liberation North Korea of ​​Kim Jong-un adopted a new doctrine proclaiming that the country would never give up 'Atomic weapon. One more launch to raise the pressure before a leading diplomatic visit. According to the South Korean... >>>

long -distance trips on the railway are expensive

Wednesday  17:00,   28 september 2022

on time for Christmas traffic, Deutsche Bahn increases prices for long -distance travel. Bahncards 25, 50 and 100 are also more expensive, as the group announced on Wednesday. The supervisory board was previously informed about the changes. ©... >>>

Aid to the genocide: German IS supporter charged after entry from Syria

Wednesday  15:10,   28 september 2022

A suspected IS supporter will soon have to answer for a help for genocide and crime against humanity before the Koblenz Higher Regional Court. According to Wednesday, the Federal Prosecutor's Office raised charges against the German. © Picture... >>>

Macron is alarmed by "the fracture of the world" exacerbated by Russia

Wednesday  14:40,   28 september 2022

© AFP "N e We do not resign to the fracture of the world", launched Tuesday Emmanuel Macron at the UN by exhoring The leaders of the whole world to reject "the new order" of division that the Russia "imperialist" seeks to impose with the war in... >>>

War in Ukraine: activists leave a note on the tomb of Vladimir Putin

Wednesday  14:10,   28 september 2022

The group of activists The Party of the Dead is the author of this message. © provided by Bang Showbiz Russian activists have filed a handwritten note on the tomb of Vladimir Putin's parents in Saint Petersburg. While the chief of the Kremlin... >>>

Three killed in Israel Jenin raid: Palestinian ministry

Wednesday  14:00,   28 september 2022

An Israeli raid targeting alleged militants in a West Bank flashpoint killed three Palestinians Wednesday, including the brother of a man blamed for a deadly attack in Tel Aviv. Since March, Israel has launched hundreds of operations in the northern >>>

EU sees sabotage in gas pipe leaks, Norway hikes security

Wednesday  14:00,   28 september 2022

The EU said Wednesday that leaks from two Russia-Germany undersea gas pipelines appeared to be "a deliberate act", as fossil fuel-rich Norway boosted security at its installations. Non-EU member Norway, which has now overtaken Russia as the biggest... >>>

Chile: The massive hacking of email from the armed forces puts the government in embarrassment

Wednesday  13:20,   28 september 2022

© Rodrigo Garrido/Reuters The Minister of Defense, Maya Fernandez Allende, against the Congress in Valparaiso in Chile, September 27, 2022. The Chilean Minister of Defense was auditioned Tuesday, September 27, by deputies and senators. It must... >>>

Ukraine-Ticker-Italian election winner Meloni says Selenskyj support for

Wednesday  12:40,   28 september 2022

28th SEP (Reuters)-developments related to war in Ukraine follow. In some cases, information cannot be checked independently. 09.50 - The probably new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has promised her full support to Ukraine. "Dear... >>>

Himalaya: The rescuers find the body of an American mountaineer who disappeared

Wednesday  12:40,   28 september 2022

© Prakash Mathema Aerial view of Annapurana and Manaslu, on January 22, 2020 in Nepal The body of the American mountaineer Hilaree Nelson was found on Wednesday In the Himalayas, two days after his disappearance on the slopes of Mont Manaslu in... >>>

Qatar UN envoy deletes Twitter account after uproar over cursing Jews, gay men

Wednesday  12:21,   28 september 2022

Tweets by the Qatari UN envoy cited antisemitic tropes and called on God to "curse" gay people. >>>

Russia prepares to annex occupied Ukraine despite outcry

Wednesday  12:21,   28 september 2022

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia is poised to formally annex areas of Ukraine where it has military control after referendums there reportedly endorsed Moscow’s rule. But the ballots were widely discredited and earned the Kremlin no relief Wednesday from >>>