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18:50  02 december  2022
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680,000 less vaccinated children than before the Pandemie

 680,000 less vaccinated children than before the Pandemie © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung 680,000 less vaccinated children than before the Pandemie During Corona pandemic, significantly fewer children and adolescents in Germany received their basic protection vaccinations. Compared to 2019, there was an eleven percent decline in 2021. Around 680,000 fewer girls and boys were vaccinated for the population. the quota of the first vaccinations in diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and paralysis - by 31 percent.

It is a case in which you don't want to stop shaking your head: a couple of parents in New Zealand wants to withhold an important heart surgery from his child. The reason is not understandable: the parents are afraid of donating blood from vaccinated people. Now they are on trial.

  Impfgegner-Eltern verweigern ihrem Baby eine lebenswichtige Herz-OP: Der Fall geht vor Gericht! © provided by Berliner Kurier

With their refusal attitude, the two parents jeopardize the life of their child just four months old. This suffers from a severe heart defect and actually has to be operated on by the open heart. This usually also requires blood donors, but that is exactly what the parents are in the side. "We do not want a blood that is contaminated by vaccinations," said the child's father in an interview with a blog vaccination blog and refers to the vaccination against the Corona virus.

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In New Zealand, the case is already causing a sensation. The health authority has filed a lawsuit against the parents who jeopardize their child's life because of a brain's flavor. The authority wants to ensure that the parents are withdrawn from the child for the child so that they have a chance to live. The time is urged, which is why the authority decided to make this unusual path through the court. Compared to the New Zealand Herald, lawyer Paul White, who represents the health authority, referred to the urgency of the case. According to doctors, an operation should have taken place weeks ago.

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already reveals an urgent hearing in Auckland on Wednesday, at which the appointment for the main hearing was to be determined. On this date, the vaccination opponent had mobilized around 100 people who arrived before the court. The usual, partly anti-Semitic and history revisionist slogans were found, which can also be found in this country on vaccination opponents. The vaccination on a poster was compared with the Nuremberg breed laws.

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The parents emphasize that they do not want to prevent the operation, but only that "vaccinated blood" is used. Since it is not registered in blood banks whether the donors are vaccinated or not, the two conspiracy believers apparently see a risk for their child. They state that 20 people have already reported to them who would donate "unvaccinated blood". However, the application was rejected.

In any case, the distinction in "unvaccinated blood" and "vaccinated blood" is scientifically gross nonsense. After a few days, the injected substances have completely disappeared from the body, which remains, antibodies as well as with recovered people, only that the risk of a severe course is much lower.

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accordingly skeptically, scientists look at the argumentation of the parents. The New Zealand immunology professor Nikki Turner from Auckland University told the Herald: “Almost all blood in New Zealand contains covid antibodies. So if you don't reject all blood, I cannot imagine how you will deal with it. ”In addition, she made it clear that Covid antibodies in no way are a problem for the person who receives. Rather, they would even give the person additional protection against the disease.

Last vaccination facility in the Corona vaccination center of the Starnberg district .
© Robert Michael/DPA Central picture/DPA/Symbol image Corona Children's vaccination Last vaccination in the Corona vaccination center of the Starnberg Starnberg district-The district of Starnberg offers in the corona vaccination center in Berg -Mörlbach last vaccination facilities before Christmas and New Year's Eve and on the children's vaccination day. The vaccination center is then closed. The vaccination centers in Bavaria close on December 31.

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