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The 9 Kitchen Tools Every Beginner Cook Needs

Wednesday  18:01,   28 september 2022

With the right kitchen tools, you'll feel like a professional chef in no... >>>

Just Put Lemon Pepper on Everything

Wednesday  18:01,   28 september 2022

A truly perfect seasoning blend, its versatility knows almost no limitsMany lemon pepper fans insist that the best blends are made at home, with freshly grated lemon zest and cracked black pepper. That flavor profile is more natural, sure, but it’s... >>>

The ranking of the five most loved pasta dishes by Italians

Wednesday  18:01,   28 september 2022

What are the five most loved pasta dishes by Italians? Here they... >>>

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad

Wednesday  18:01,   28 september 2022

This cranberry pecan chicken salad is full of flavor and crunch topped with a homemade dressing that is creamy and delicious! Perfect for a salad, sandwich or lettuce wrap it is a versatile and tasty dish! This is our favorite chicken salad recipe... >>>

Do you still know “riot cake”? Great recipe from the GDR! Butter biscuits make this cake a crispy biscuit

Wednesday  17:30,   28 september 2022

When did you make a moss cake for the last time? Or an LPG cake? There are so many delicious cake recipes from the GDR that used to belong on every coffee table, which are almost forgotten today. This is also part of this: the riot cake! Have you... >>>

King Charles III: His Favorite Foods & Eating Habits Revealed

Wednesday  16:41,   28 september 2022

Curious about the food habits of the new King of England? We've got the lowdown... >>>

Throw Out This Bacon, Sausage, and Other Meat, Department of Agriculture Says

Wednesday  16:40,   28 september 2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is urging consumers to check their pantries, refrigerators, and freezers to see whether they contain any of the roughly 87,00 pounds of various ready-to-eat meat products >>>

The Crispy Guide to Homemade KFC Chicken

Wednesday  16:40,   28 september 2022

Have you tried this incredible homemade version of KFC... >>>

7 "Hawaiian" Foods No One Eats in Hawaii

Wednesday  16:40,   28 september 2022

Here are seven stereotypically Hawaiian foods that they don't eat in Hawaii and one that truly is a diet... >>>

7 Trends Dominating Miami’s Restaurant Scene Right Now

Wednesday  16:40,   28 september 2022

And where to find... >>>

Judasohr: Is the wood mushroom edible?

Wednesday  16:20,   28 september 2022

Judas ears are also known as Chinese mushrooms that can be easily processed in the kitchen. If you want to eat them fresh, you should only have a few dry spots. The wood mushroom is also easy to preserve. © provided by my beautiful garden Judasohr... >>>

Macallan to Release James Bond Anniversary Collection for $1,007

Wednesday  15:01,   28 september 2022

Macallan to Release James Bond Anniversary Collection for $1,007This isn’t the first time Bond has partnered up with a spirit brand. The martini-centric ads of the Pierce Brosnan Bond have given way, however, and in recent years Bond has preferred... >>>

Halloween Treats Have Never Been Easier With This No-Bake Mummy Sponge Cake Recipe

Wednesday  15:01,   28 september 2022

Autumn is arguably the finest season to dig into our creative senses. Getting caught up in endless group Halloween costume brainstorms and leaning into all the fall fabrics to create the ultimate cozy vibes is what it's all about. Why not bring... >>>

Jet Tila's Avocado Hack Will Tell You When It's Ripe

Wednesday  15:01,   28 september 2022

Here's how to see if an avocado is ripe, according to Jet Tila.According to Statista, nearly 3 billion pounds of avocados were consumed in the United States in 2021. With the fruit needing a full year to fully mature and grow, that means that... >>>

How to make better use of food banks to address hunger and inefficient food systems

Wednesday  13:31,   28 september 2022

More than 3 billion people worldwide cannot afford a healthy diet, yet a third of food produced for human consumption goes to waste each year.Those living in low- and middle-income countries are especially vulnerable as they spend a larger share of... >>>