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16:30  27 september  2022
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scary accident on the Tour, a runner violently hit a car (video)

 scary accident on the Tour, a runner violently hit a car (video) © supplied by Sports.fr Jack Bauer The images are cold in the back. During the first part of the 18th stage of the Tour de France traced between Lourdes and Hautacam, Jack Bauer was the victim of an impressive fall. As he arrived launched behind the car of the UAE Emirates team, the bike-expyer runner found himself trapped by a motorcycle, which blocked the passage. The New Zealand runner then struck the back of the Tadej Pogacar formation vehicle.

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  RUNNER’S WORLD LAUFCOACHING - Mit individueller Betreuung zu besserer Leistung © ISTOCKPHOTO for whom is Runner’s World running coaching?

There are many good training plans for almost every running destination. But with these, running training is more or less firm, family, work and hobbies have to be organized around it yourself. An individual training plan can run and combine the rest of life much better. In addition, the trainer can match the training very well to their strengths and weaknesses - for optimal training results. An individual training plan is therefore very effective because it is virtually tailored to you. Our tip: With a voucher for the Runner's World Lauf coaching, give away long -lasting running fun and an extra portion of health. To the voucher.

Dream goal decides Wilden Clasico-Xavis praise for Lewandowski debut

 Dream goal decides Wilden Clasico-Xavis praise for Lewandowski debut The first highlight in the Barça jersey has behind Robert Lewandowski (33): At his starting eleven premiere for the Catalans, the Pole won an intensive and partly wild clasico. However, the decision brought a different new addition. © Imago Images (2) in his first Clasico also on the road as a mediator: Robert Lewandowski (far right).

Whether the goal is to lose weight, improve shape, run a new best time over 10 kilometers or the marathon under 3 hours does not matter - every athlete and every athlete gets the training plan that is tailored to your needs. In addition to the individual training plan, you can get very personal support by email so that you can clarify all questions with your trainer and get support with small (or large) motivational holes.

We personally and individually take care of your training and your goals - just as no computer program can do!

The advantages at an overview of you personally tailored training for optimal results -professional training planning After training science tuning of the training on private and professional appointments, travel and other sports units of training plan In close consultation with you, how does individual training plan creation work?

When registering below, you already answer essential questions so that our trainers can get a first picture of you, your goals and your training level. In personal exchange by email, you clarify further details, goals and wishes with your new coach. From this, the trainer creates a professional training plan over 12 weeks. Private dates, vacations and other running events before the main competition are of course also taken into account.

from the drunkard to the runner-thanks to running therapy back into life

 from the drunkard to the runner-thanks to running therapy back into life "From the drunkard to the runner", Franz-Paul Bock Salopp describes the development that he went through around 30 years ago. "I am an alcoholic and in 1990 I did therapy and running therapy, which helped me. Since then I have been living abstinent," he says. And has remained true to running. "Running gives me inner balance, fitness and satisfaction." © Marvin IBO Guengoer before his therapy he practiced several professions.

What offers are there? Offer A: The individual training plan for 119 euros

If you will no longer take any further plan adjustments or assistance after the detailed individual training plan creation and want to go through the 12 weeks of training on your own, the offer A is just the right one : Professional training planning over 12 weeks after detailed individual medical history without further email exchange during the training period.

offer B: Individual training plan with adjustments and support for 219 euros

Who A support from the coach is important over the entire training period, the bay is best our offer B. After the individual training plan creation, a regular email will be found via the booked 12 weeks -Exchange between the athlete and his trainer. Plan adjustments are also included, for example if a training break is necessary through injuries or illness or for other reasons, adjustments to the training goal or training setup are desired. In order to make the training particularly effective, the coach can evaluate your training records once a week on request and, based on this, give you tips on optimized training design.

offer C: Individual training plan with all-round carefree support for 319 euros

Do you wish you even closer communication with your coach, for example to get daily motivation for your training? With our offer C you will receive very intensive support with unlimited mail exchange with your trainer and also a weekly phone call for your training. Plan adjustments are of course also included here, as well as the evaluation of your personal training diary whenever you want.

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REASION DEATION CREAT by Frankfurt table - this is how it works .
The package tour is booked - and is it very different than planned? Flat royins can request a subsequent reduction in price for certain defects. The amount of the reduction is determined in individual cases, the Frankfurt table can be used as a clue. © provided by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images Tours operators must remedy defects The following applies: If a service does not correspond to the booked criteria on a package tour, travelers can demand a price reduction.

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