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stands of the memory increased: mild temperatures and a lot of wind reduce gas consumption

Tuesday  13:40,   27 december 2022

in Germany, the gas storage stands have risen above average over the past five days. The market prices for gas recently dropped strongly. © Photo: dpa/Axel Heimken Messin storm duck indicate the line pressure of pipes of a gas pond. The storage... >>>

Rennes. The Handi’chiens de Bretagne center is looking for host families

Tuesday  11:10,   27 december 2022

© DR more than a simple dog reception, becoming a foster family is to ensure the well-being and health of the animal. The Handi’chiens association is looking for host families to welcome and follow puppies for sixteen months in the Rennes region.... >>>

Portugal: A strike paralyzes

Tuesday  03:50,   27 december 2022

rail traffic from hundreds of trains have been abolished since Friday in Portugal due to a strike by railway employees. They claim a premium to meet the prices of the © Armando Franca/AP/SIPA prices a train leaves a Lisbon station, November 2022... >>>

Rennes. The Traveling Festival is calling for volunteers

Monday  20:50,   26 december 2022

© Archives Ouest-France The public to the first evening of Traveling Beirut. For its 34th edition, the Traveling Festival continues its explorations in distant cinematographic lands with, from February 7 to 14, 2023, a cinematographic trip to... >>>

Rennes. Five good reasons to go to the "Vive la Magie" festival

Monday  13:30,   26 december 2022

© DR The magician Lukas The International Festival "Vive la Magie" is back in Rennes, his city, from January 5 to 8, 2023. He celebrates his 15 th edition. Gérard Souchet the director and his "magical company" mark the blow with a brand new show... >>>

SNCF strike: a substantial cost for the company

Monday  08:10,   26 december 2022

© Magali Cohen / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP while the Christmas weekend was marked by the strike of SNCF controllers, the train company was constraint to reimburse the some 200,000 travelers who saw their train canceled. The Minister of... >>>

Map. War in Ukraine: Pope's call, Putin charges the West ... The point on the 305th day

Sunday  23:20,   25 december 2022

© Yara Nardi / Reuters Le Pope Francis, on December 25 at the Vatican. From the Vatican, the Pope spoke about the war in Ukraine. For his part, Vladimir Putin accused Westerners of wanting to divide Russia. Here is what to remember from the news... >>>

Ukraine: Pope Francis calls to put an end to an "insane war"

Sunday  18:30,   25 december 2022

© Andreas Solaro / AFP Pope Francis called to "silence the arms" in Ukraine, prey to "insane war", during His traditional Christmas message to the Vatican during which he again spoke of the "Third World War". A call of peace and... >>>

Miss France: Dominique Besnehard victim of a "heart problem" just after the election, he was saved by Francis Huster

Sunday  16:50,   25 december 2022

© KCS Press Miss France: Dominique Besnehard victim of a "heart problem" just after the Election, he was saved by Francis Huster Dominique Besnehard narrowly escaped the worst. This Sunday, December 25, the famous stars agent announced on Facebook... >>>

The world sulfur a serious "peace shortage", declares Pope Francis

Sunday  16:10,   25 december 2022

by Philip Pullella Cite du Vatican, December 25 (Reuters) - Pope Francis called on Sunday at the end of the war in Ukraine and the others Conflicts in his Christmas message, believing that the world suffered from a "serious shortage of... >>>

The famous Christmas pope at the Vatican, in thought with Ukraine

Sunday  13:40,   25 december 2022

© AFP D ES Thousands of people are expected on Sunday on Saint-Pierre Place in Rome to see Pope Francis Delive his Christmas message, which should grant A large place at Ukraine at war. The spiritual leader of the Catholic Church will be addressed... >>>

Pope Francis celebrates Christmas at the Vatican, in thought with Ukraine

Sunday  08:50,   25 december 2022

© Andréas Solaro / AFP The Pope Francis attends the Christmas Eve mass at the Saint-Pierre Basilica at the Vatican on December 24, 2022. François is preparing to deliver his Christmas message this Sunday, December 25, which should give a large... >>>

More data theft of ATMs

Saturday  18:30,   24 december 2022

data theft of ATMs in Germany hardly pays off for criminals. However, increasing number of cases in the current year show that the risk of being spied on when lifting money is still real in this country. In addition: perpetrators always find new... >>>

The stars with many children: here are the most numerous families

Saturday  17:00,   24 december 2022

© Sipa Johnny Hallyday: "Léésées", his fans want to create a place of meditation in Saint-Tropez A statue of Johnny Hallyday could soon be erected at Saint Tropez. It is in this region dear in the heart of the rocker that fans decided to organize a >>>

prominent cooking to the festival: Ines Hofmann and her cookie gang

Saturday  11:51,   24 december 2022

Ines Hofmann meet every year for baking cookies with three school friends. She particularly likes a variety - snowflakes. © Martin Schneider Ines Hofmann, managing director of the city clinic Görlitz, presents some of the cookies that she baked... >>>