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majority expects increasing inflation

Monday  11:10,   26 december 2022

in 2023. According to a survey, the majority in Germany do not believe in relaxation in consumer prices in the new year. © Jan Woitas/dpa Economists expect the new year with gradually falling inflation rates. The majority of consumers see it... >>>

undecided trade in Frankfurt's stock exchange: DAX stays over 14,000 marks

Thursday  16:40,   22 december 2022

on the German stock market on Thursdays. © provided by Finanzen.net Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images The DAX entered the trade with an increase of 0.11 percent at 14,113.01 points. The stock market barometer is currently somewhat returning and tends... >>>

Rougail Saucisse: Here's how to cook it and accompany it

Wednesday  16:30,   21 december 2022

© Pixabay Rougail Saucisse: Here's how to cook it and accompany it Some will tell you that it is life. But, above all to eat well is life. The choice of sausage for a good rougail is not trivial. Smoke, fresh, chicken or pork, each choice requires... >>>

Tesla is said to have fired Musk-critical employees-share with a new negative record

Tuesday  20:10,   20 december 2022

© dpa criticism is reluctant to please. with his capers around Twitter also has Elon Musk Tesla shareholder: angered in the inside. They fear-apparently rightly-that the Tesla CEO neglects the electric car maker. The stock sinks and sinks. And... >>>

NEW: Warren Buffett's portfolio follow and keep an eye on all of your depots live

Monday  14:11,   19 december 2022

Do you already know the new area "My Finance" on finanzen.net? There you can follow the Warren Buffett portfolio, watch your depots in realtime and much more. © provided by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images You want to always be at eye... >>>

Pension reform: "We have no choice", judge Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux (Medef)

Sunday  15:10,   18 december 2022

© Eric Piermont / AFP Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux considers that it is time to make the pension reform for Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, "we have no choice", we must back down the retirement age. The president of MEDEF estimates in an interview with the... >>>

$ 3.6 billion: Musk has to sell Tesla shares again

Thursday  13:40,   15 december 2022

It was the fourth time this year that Musk had to separate Tesla shares to finance the Twitter purchase. © Photo: dpa/Susan Walsh Elon Musk has again sold Tesla shares. Tesla and Twitter boss Elon Musk has once again separated from shares in the... >>>

Elon Musk around $ 100 billion "poorer"

Wednesday  18:20,   14 december 2022

Since the multi-billionaire Elon Musk bought the short message service Twitter, it is becoming under pressure. This also affects his - albeit still astronomical - assets. © Susan Walsh/AP/DPA/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle The distrust >>>

Many patients dissatisfied with psychotherapy - frequent change in treatment

Wednesday  13:31,   14 december 2022

Out of dissatisfaction with treatment has already changed their psychotherapy or psychotherapy a little more than a third of the statutory health insured. As the top association of statutory health insurance companies (GKV) announced in Berlin on... >>>

Start of the pension: FDP wants flexible entrance age

Tuesday  14:00,   13 december 2022

Nobody has to prescribe people when they have retired, says FDP Vice-President Johannes Vogel. The liberals want to get away from the official retirement age and already have a role model. © Franziska Gabbert/ dpa With a statement about the rush to >>>

These pills do not belong in the tablet box

Monday  18:40,   12 december 2022

overview These pills do not belong in the tablet box © t - Online A tablet box for the week helps to keep an overview. But not every tablet is allowed in. An overview. is as practical as a tablet box is: it is better not to keep some medication... >>>

Scholz wants to reach less early pension entries

Sunday  10:50,   11 december 2022

Berlin - Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64) wants fewer people to retire before reaching the regular age limit. © Bernd Settnik/DPA central picture/dpa Olaf Scholz (64) sees, among other things, for further training offers and qualified immigration. Bernd >>>

Elton John leaves Twitter - Elon Musk beg him to

Saturday  23:50,   10 december 2022

"It makes me sad" Elton John leaves Twitter - Elon Musk beg him to © t - Online Megastar Elton John says goodbye to Twitter. Elon Musk comments on his last post - he hoped for a comeback from the legendary singer. with Elton John leaves a prominent >>>

Pension reform: François Bayrou wants to “enlighten” opinion

Friday  08:20,   09 december 2022

© LP/Olivier Ariandel/Maxpppp/Photopqr/Le Parisien/Maxppp L E Haut-Commissariat au Plan, piloted by the boss of the Modem François Bayrou , made public Thursday, December 8, a note on pensions on Thursday 8 December offering several levers,... >>>

Deutsche Bahn: Faring prices rise by 5 percent after a change of timetable

Thursday  11:20,   08 december 2022

new routes, new trains, denser clocks: Deutsche Bahn promises improvements for passengers this weekend. However, the trips become more expensive. © Boris Roessler/ dpa With the change of timetable this weekend, passengers in long -distance... >>>