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These 16 hair masks will repair your post-festive season strands

Wednesday  22:30,   28 december 2022

Plus, expert tips on how to use them for maximum resultsThere has never been a better time to use a hair mask – and that’s not hyperbole, it’s the truth. Winter, as you know, wreaks havoc on your strands and that's before even considering the... >>>

How to save hundreds on designer outfits with looks for under £25

Wednesday  20:10,   28 december 2022

We put together five outfits for under £25 each and had almost zero impact on the planetLet me explain – I think people often mix up loving fashion for being fashionable and on trend. I’m neither of those... >>>

Keep dancing all night long with this high heel hack for happy feet

Wednesday  20:10,   28 december 2022

Don't let painful toes spoil your NYE.And yet, at some point through the course of your night out, those heels decided to stage a... >>>

Zoolander appearance: Stiller and Wilson at Valentino show

Wednesday  20:10,   28 december 2022

Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.Actually, Paris Fashion Week is not for Hollywood. Nothing for cinema fans. And nothing for Ben Stiller. But for Derek Zoolander, it’s the one and only, the only place! On the show of Valentino Last Tuesday, Ben >>>

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers stuns fans with appearance as he celebrates amid cancer battle

Wednesday  19:50,   28 december 2022

Posing with his dog Teddy in front of a Christmas tree, Dave's hair and beard could be seen growing back . He wrote alongside the snap: "Merry Christmas everybody from Teddy and I. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved... >>>

Association has nine citizens' petitions in Thuringia

Wednesday  17:50,   28 december 2022

The Association More Democracy counted nine citizens' petitions and four citizens' decisions in 2022. «Thuringia has the best rules for municipal direct democracy nationwide. However, the culture remains expandable in dealing with the citizens'... >>>

John Lewis shoppers hail 'warm and cosy' £35 hooded dress for 'cold weather'

Wednesday  14:40,   28 december 2022

The Anyday Orion Hooded Lounge Dress has proved a hit with shoppers, with many praising its 'good quality' and 'nice fabric'As the cold weather continues, the British retailer is selling the Anyday Orion Hooded Lounge Dress for £35... >>>

'I dressed all over in M&S thermals to see if it saved putting the heating on'

Wednesday  14:40,   28 december 2022

Dianne Bourne put Marks and Spencer's range of thermal wear to the test following advice to "heat the human, not the home"Experts, including Martin Lewis on his Money Saving Expert, have encouraged people to "heat the human, not the home" as a... >>>

The pros have spoken—these hair trends are going to dominate in 2023

Wednesday  14:40,   28 december 2022

And there's a style to suit everyoneIn 2023, we’re throwing it back to the ‘90s and embracing all the volume, re-imagining hair colour shades with copper 2.0, and even being inspired by popular TV shows with soft gothic... >>>

Elegant and cool at the same time: So you stylish jeans for the New Year's party

Wednesday  13:30,   28 december 2022

© Imaxtree Jeans on New Year's Eve?! With these tips, the party styling Imaxtree works with the last month of the year sparkles and glitters it back into the shop windows, because our favorite shops now inspire with glamorous party collections, for >>>

'You're shampooing wrong': Hair washing hack to stop greasiness 'makes hugest difference'

Wednesday  12:20,   28 december 2022

The technique you use to wash your hair could be damaging it, an expert has said.She explained: "If your shampoo looks like this when you apply it to your scalp, try again." She demonstrated the shampoo in her hands, having poured it directly from... >>>

Photo series: All Love is Equal

Wednesday  12:20,   28 december 2022

Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.By Daniela Gassmann Love can be a feeling of too much fabric softener or a pounding heartbeat. In any case, it’s a big fat cliché – and romance is the visualization of it. If you close your eyes and imagine... >>>

'Combat blemishes and irritation' with the 'key' for 'clearer skin' in winter

Wednesday  12:10,   28 december 2022

Lower temperatures can often cause havoc to one's skin - in winter, people are more susceptible to flakiness and dryness. However, there are ways to combat this for a natural, youthful glow.The experts said: "Winter-proofing your skin is the way >>>

Primark shares £55 cosy winter coats but shoppers all ask about one item

Wednesday  09:30,   28 december 2022

The black fleece-lined coat has gone down a hit with shoppersThe fashion brand posted three coats styled by influencer @emmanoodle_ to the delight of its 10 million Instagram followers. The post, captioned "POV: you've already spent your Primark... >>>

6 reasons why you should be shopping for designer fashion right now

Wednesday  06:50,   28 december 2022

Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.Cheap stores are springing up like mushrooms in every pedestrian zone. At the same time, you hear and read everywhere about the quest for sustainability, minimalism, the need for environmental and climate... >>>