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The perfect stew for New Year's Eve: Recipe for cheese garlic soup with minced meat! The party classic is the perfect sparkling wine basis

Wednesday  22:40,   28 december 2022

a few more days until the turn of the year-then the sparkling wine cork pop in many German households, the most lavish party of the year is celebrated. What comes on the table for this occasion? What is important is a meal that creates a good basis >>>

Simple recipe for creamy minced meat cheese noodles

Wednesday  15:00,   28 december 2022

A feel-good dish that tastes good for the whole family and succeeds quickly? Our answer: pasta with creamy minced meat cheese sauce! This is where the recipe © istockphoto minced meat-cheese-noodle iStockphoto is for lunch or dinner: how about... >>>

delicious potato salad: an all -rounder who is delighted with the right recipe, also on New Year's Eve

Tuesday  18:10,   27 december 2022

dear reader, I already mentioned it: Of course there was potato salad in our family. This is part of the holidays such as Christmas tree and gifts. Already in childhood, the tradition was, especially due to the fact that work was made on December... >>>

"Les Banshees d'Inisherin" with Colin Farrell: a horrible and terribly sinister stuffing

Tuesday  16:30,   27 december 2022

© Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan on the screen, Brendan Gleeson (Colm) and Colin Farrell (Padraic), which received the Prize D 'Interpretation of the Venice Mostra for this role, form the central duo of "Banshees... >>>

ingenious potato dumplings: With this recipe, the dumplings for feast are perfect

Monday  23:50,   26 december 2022

Christmas is only once a year. The eating should be perfect. Have you planned a delicious roast? Maybe goose or duck? Or are there delicious roulades ? And the finest red cabbage and of course potato dumplings. But have you ever done the delicious... >>>

If you have to go quickly: So refine red cabbage from the glass to the perfect side dish!

Monday  21:20,   26 december 2022

red cabbage is by far the most popular winter vegetables. Brussels sprouts, kale and Co. can stand far behind. But not everyone who stands into the kitchen in the run -up to Christmas or directly on the festive days has the time to take a fresh red >>>

Berliner, pancakes, donuts - as you always call the snack: just bake yourself! Here is the recipe!

Monday  10:31,   26 december 2022

You are a tradition at the turn of the year and if you are honest, nobody knows exactly why. In addition to sparkling wine, New Year's Eve come on the table all over Germany, depending on the region, donuts or pancakes. © provided by Berliner... >>>

Christmas Crack, the delicious holiday recipe that is a hit on Tiktok

Sunday  11:40,   25 december 2022

on Tiktok, the "Christmas crack" seems to be the top of the delicious Christmas recipes conducive to delight young and old. We give you this ultra-available and comforting recipe. © Youtube - who says Part of the holidays says food in Gogo. And it... >>>

napkins as a fir tree fold the recipe for a relaxed Christmas in 30 seconds

Saturday  11:51,   24 december 2022

? Smart preparation, courage to do without a nonchalance and laugh as much as possible. Here is our simple Christmas tip for the table © istockphoto napkins as a fir tree folding in 30 seconds iStockphoto first step put the napkin on the table so... >>>

Christmas Aperitif with Lillet: The pampering recipe for the festive days

Friday  22:50,   23 december 2022

Are you still looking for the perfect welcome drink for your guests? Our tip: This fruity-in-lively Christmas aperitif with Lillet-this is how the recipe © istockphoto Christmas aperitif with Lillet is successful: The pampering recipe for the... >>>

flash recipe for well-being: creamy minced meat-meat-pasta pan

Friday  14:30,   23 december 2022

pasta and minced meat-a real favorite combination. With this recipe it gets even better, because thanks to tomatoes and sour cream, the sauce is so delicious, so delicious, so creamy: pasta with minced meat and meat sauce and a lot of parmesan... >>>

The British Royals reveal the recipe for their favorite cookies with cinnamon

Friday  14:30,   23 december 2022

© Getty Images Recipe: The favorite cookies with cinnamon of the British Royals Getty What do the British Royals do on Christmas ? Of course the traditional Christmas address - the first of King Charles Himelf. And before and after? Does Princess... >>>

The lentil soup and Smørrebrød: the Karin Nebot

Friday  14:30,   23 december 2022

recipe for the Director General of Kaviari, this lentil soup accompanied by a smoked fish tart offers a full meal of Danish inspiration. Enough to illuminate winter days. Ingredients for 4 people 1 yellow onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery branch, ¼... >>>

Fancy Egg Punsch recipe: Food blogger Bianca Zapatka has created a wonderful winter drink

Friday  11:30,   23 december 2022

fancy egg punch recipe: Food blogger Bianca Zapatka has created a wonderful winter drink can it be a winter drink in the cold season? You should definitely try the vegan egg punch recipe from the food blogger Bianca Zapatka. Note to our readers:... >>>

Christmas meals. The recipe for the Virginie Giboire chief associates Saint-Jacques, turnip and pear

Friday  05:20,   23 december 2022

© Ouest-France for the holidays, the Virginie Giboire chief suggests a millefeuille of scallops, pear and turnip. Millefeuilles de Saint-Jacques, turnips, pear and sorrel: it is the proposal of the Rennes head of the Raines restaurant for a festive >>>