Weekend Reads Iran would have tried to have Bernard Henri-Lévy murdered in Paris

05:20  02 december  2022
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A mix of worry and hope as Iranians in Canada watch an uprising from afar

  A mix of worry and hope as Iranians in Canada watch an uprising from afar The second-largest Iranian diaspora in the world is in the Greater Toronto Area and the community is feeling the impacts of the uprising and harsh crackdowns of the last couple of months, made worse by the uncertainty of communications blackouts."The message doesn't even deliver. Their internet is shut," Shariati said, her voice catching.

  L’Iran aurait tenté de faire assassiner Bernard Henri-Lévy à Paris © Sameer al-Doumy / AFP

D years old revealing the mangances of the Iranian regime to silence his opponents abroad, The newspaper American Washington Post , citing "government documents" and "officials of the American, European and the Middle East intelligence", says that the French philosopher and writer Bernard Henri-Lévy was the target of the One of these operations.

Tehran would have paid an Iranian drug dealer 150,000 dollars to organize the assassination of BHL, also a columnist at the point. Bernard Henri-Lévy was, according to the American newspaper, targeted by the branch of special operations of the Iranian revolution guards, the Al-Quds force, the armed wing of the regime abroad. Joined by the Washington Post, the philosopher did not wish to comment.

A member of the Revolutionary Guardians killed in Ispahan, in the center of Iran

 A member of the Revolutionary Guardians killed in Ispahan, in the center of Iran © AFP - Atta Kenare La Grande Mosque Abbasi, in Ispahan, in Iran, in May 2022. according to the official IRNA agency, A member of the revolution guards was killed in the city of Ispahan, while the protest movement seems to mark a certain shortness of breath. With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi The official media did not give details on the rank of this member of the Revolutionary Guards.

The French intellectual has attracted the wrath of the Iranian regime

by criticizing its bloody repression policy and its religious extremism on multiple times. The Al-Quds force would have led a secret operation by mandating a drug trafficker to recruit other Iranians in order to assassinate the French intellectual to Paris , without success. The newspaper does not specify when the facts took place, but it notes that the examples of attempted assassination of protesters of the regime abroad, whether Iranian or not, "have multiplied dramatically for two years".

to read also BHL? Women against the mullahs The Iran would have led at least at least three murders of dissidents in Western Europe countries between 2015 and 2017, says the Washington Post, citing Canadian intelligence sources and British. In 2018, an Iranian diplomat was arrested and accused of having recruited a couple to pose a bomb in Paris, at the place of a rally of the organization of the Mujahiddines of the Iranian people ( Ompi ), a group of Opposition in exile considered as terrorist by Tehran. Revolt

In the United States, supporters of the Iran-USA meeting wedged between football and

 In the United States, supporters of the Iran-USA meeting wedged between football and © APU Gomes politics of spectators watch the football match between Iran and the United States in Los Angeles, California, On November 29, 2022 between the vague current demonstrations against the power of the Ayatollahs and the love of football, the meeting on Tuesday between Iran and the United States at the World Cup in Qatar stuck in many Persian supporters expatriated between the hammer and anvil.

In 2022, Western counterattack services would have prevented assassination attempts targeting, for example, former American national security councilor John Bolton or

the Iranian-American journalist Masih Alinejad , including BHL had participated in organizing the meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in November.

Iran is currently the target of

An lively dispute of the Islamist regime set up in 1979, which represses in the blood the violent demonstrations requiring more freedoms for women who have been shaking the country for several months. The regime recognized 300 victims of repression, while the NGO Iran Human Rights counts at least 448, according to its latest assessment .

exchange of blows: Iran again orders British and German ambassadors an .
after the summons of Iran's ambassador in Berlin, Tehran reacts with the same measure - and not for the first time. The accusation: "Unacceptable intervention" in Germany. © Andreas Gebert/ dpa Iran has once again ordered the German and the British ambassador. In the event of the German ambassador, Tehran protest against the "persistent interference" of Germany in the internal affairs of Iran and its "unacceptable intervention", the state news agency IRNA said on Saturday.

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