Weekend Reads Ukraine at winter doors: "I would like to touch two words to Putin"

12:50  23 november  2022
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Canadian Shield: How Ukrainians are defending their homeland from 8,000 kilometres away

  Canadian Shield: How Ukrainians are defending their homeland from 8,000 kilometres away Upstart Canadian manufacturer Roshel is building hundreds of armoured vehicles for Ukraine — and many of its workers are displaced Ukrainians.If there has been a defining characteristic of Ukrainians during the war, it has been their steely yet smiling resolve in defiance of the Russian forces. Even as they endure incomprehensible brutality, their spirit — the belief that Ukraine will prevail — is unbroken.

Des militaires ukrainiens inspectent des tranchées dans une zone reprise aux Russes dans la région de Kherson, le 12 octobre 2022 (photo d'illustration). © AP - Leo Correa of the Ukrainian soldiers inspect trenches in an area taken up for the Russians in the Kherson region, on 12 October 2022 (illustration photo).

On November 22, the Russian authorities announced the attack on Crimea by drones. Information not confirmed by Ukraine, which continues its counter-offensive. While winter looks extremely harsh for Ukrainians, should we negotiate peace? Between soldiers and civilians, opinions are often opposed.

Andry has three children of two different marriages. In his normal life, he is an engineer. The tired features, he patients with his battalion in front of an official building transformed into a barracks, says Maurine Mercier .

Ukraine: Wladimir Putin relies on the war tiredness of the West

 Ukraine: Wladimir Putin relies on the war tiredness of the West despite the military successes of Ukraine when recapturing its country, the doubts about further support grow in the west. In surveys, more than half of the Germans state that they want more diplomatic efforts. Weapons deliveries to Ukraine support fewer and fewer people - they prefer to talks peace. And only 42 percent of Germans believe that Ukraine will win war against Russia, 40 percent do not count on it.

Andry and his companions are determined:

Yes, we will recover Crimea!

"War only ends when Russia collapses," said one of its companions. I ask you: "If you had lost so many close friends because of the war, you would be ready to negotiate, you?" "

" Crimea was very "russified" "

in Mykolaïv , Igor, he is not a military. His city is among those that have undergone very heavy bombings. He deeply loves his country. But like many others, he prefers to say it discreetly. For him, it is necessary to negotiate, and especially not to try to recover the Crimea: "I think that the territories should be released. But the Crimea was very "russified". I am not at all sure that its inhabitants want to return to Ukraine. And then, the price to pay would be so high. We cannot wage war forever.

What is the fate reserved for opponents of Vladimir Putin?

 What is the fate reserved for opponents of Vladimir Putin? © Sergei Bobylyov/AFP Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a ceremony in Moscow on November 9, 2022. this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 marks the first day of the lawsuit of a major opponent of Vladimir Putin, incarcerated to have denounced the offensive in Ukraine. Before him, others were imprisoned, murdered or forced to exile.

Because the sacrifices are too large after nine months of war, the sufferings marked the country with a hot iron. Igor knows that the more war will last, the more against the current.

"I would like to touch Putin two words"

a coffee in my hands to stay hot, Evgenia explains that he lives with his brother on the ground floor of their house. The first floor was blown away by a Russian rocket, described Clea Broadhurst , Special Envoy at Boutcha. They are cramped in a room without radiator or electricity. As a light, only a bulb connected to a battery: "We have a small stove, and wood in advance. The most important thing is to have a roof above our heads so that nothing falls on us. I sleep here and my brother next to it, but when it is even colder, we will sleep together near the stove.

It was in their basement that they took refuge when the strike fell. Then they lived a month underground before Boutcha was released. "I'm really angry," exclaims Evgenia. I would love to touch Putin two words, face to face.

pressure increases according to Cherson-Fiasko-Kreml connoisseur over Putin's defeat: "Soon all the Russians"

 pressure increases according to Cherson-Fiasko-Kreml connoisseur over Putin's defeat: hate him after the defeat in Cherson, the domestic pressure on Vladimir Putin grows. A long-time Kremlin connoisseur predicts that his followers will now hate him. Will Cherson become Putin's Waterloo? © AP Wladimir Putin im Kreml. AP just a few weeks ago Vladimir Putin explained the annex to the Cherson region, now he had to withdraw his troops from parts of the area.

difficult living conditions

Angelica's apartment was completely destroyed by a strike on March 2. Impossible to go back today: "A first arugula fell. But it was the second that exploded and it started to burn. There was black smoke everywhere. We lost all our family, marriage, my son when he was young. Not to mention everything else accumulated for 30 years… ”

for a few months, she has lived in a prefabricated complex, with 60 other people. Seamless in the common kitchen, Angelica explains that they are often immersed in the dark, without heating, or electricity: "It's hard, you are in your coats and you are already cold, imagine sleeping here.

For thousands of people who live in the between two, however, the harsh winter is just beginning ...

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War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, November 21 .
The World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe has warned that winter will threaten the lives of millions of Ukrainians. © supplied by Franceinfo Ukraine announced, Monday, November 21, having discovered Russian "torture sites" in Kherson, and the arrival of the bad days alarm the WHO. Franceinfo takes stock of the news of the day on the front of the War in Ukraine.

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