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"Fleetwood Mac" Legend McVie is TOT

The music world is saying goodbye   So rührend nimmt die Musikwelt Abschied © t - Online

She wrote music history with her songs. Now Christine Mcvie died at the age of 79. Not only her band pays tribute to the singer.

for her bandmates at Fleetwood Mac, the death of singer, songwriter and keyboardist Christine Mcvie came as a surprise. "I didn't even know that she was sick ... until late Saturday evening," wrote singer Stevie Nicks in a handwritten letter that the 74-year-old published on social media. "I wanted to come to London, but we were told that we should wait."

on Wednesday Fleetwood Mac announced that Christine Mcvie died. The PA news agency quoted a family statement, according to which she "fell asleep peacefully after a short illness in the hospital" on Wednesday morning. The British musician turned 79. The exact cause of death did not become known.

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 tragic death! These popular children's stars have already died they were young and were loved by their fans: children's stars! But as beautiful as the early fame for some artists is, the more difficult life in the spotlight for others. And sometimes it ends tragic. These children's stars have already died! © Picturelux /Imago Brad Renfro Cameron Boyce Brittany Murphy *Trigger warning: This article is about death, drug abuse and suicide. In some people, this topic can trigger negative reactions.

"There are no words that can describe our grief of their death," says a statement by the successful supergroup, which had countless hits in the 1970s and 1980s. Many come from McVies feather and were sung by her, including timeless pop classics such as "Don't Stop", "You Make Loving Fun", "Little Lies" or "Everywhere". "She was the best musician who could wish for a band and the best friend you can have in life," said Fleetwood Mac on the official band channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

"I will miss them"

"Part of my heart has flown away today," wrote Mick Fleetwood, who founded the band in the late 1960s in London with other musicians, on Twitter. "I will miss everything about you, Christine Mcvie." Even the former US President Bill Clinton spoke up. "I am sad about Christine Mcvie's death," tweeted the 76-year-old. He was grateful to McVie that he was allowed to play her song "Don't Stop" at his election campaign in 1992. "I will miss her."

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countless stars paid tribute. "Your music was and will always remain a gift for the world," said the rock band Eagles in the US magazine "Variety". Bassist John Taylor von Duran Duran praised Mcvie as "one of the greatest songwriter, singers and band members of all time". Sheryl Crow called her "a legend and an icon and an incredible person" on Twitter. Pop superstar Harry Styles, confessing Fleetwood Mac fan, shared a black and white photo of the singer and a black heart on Instagram.

Christine Mcvie was born on July 12, 1943 in Cumbria/Lancashire as Christine Anne Perfect. The British published a solo album as Christine Perfect. Before her time at Fleetwood Mac, she was a pianist and background singer of the Chicken group. In 1968 she married the Fleetwood Mac bassist John Mcvie, who brought her to his band in 1970 when she still played blues.

  So rührend nimmt die Musikwelt Abschied © t - Online

in the middle of the seventies Fleetwood Mac transferred to the USA, where the US duo Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks joined the band. The musical style increasingly developed in a radio -friendly direction. Christine Mcvie had a significant part in this. Among other things, she wrote the very first commercial hit "Over My Head" for Fleetwood Mac.

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Even after the McVies were divorced, both remained in the group. Her separation - and that of the lovers Buckingham and Nicks - inspired "Rumors", which became one of the best -selling albums in music history and made Fleetwood Mac in 1977. McVie sang, among other things, "Don't Stop" in a duet with Buckingham, with which she also released an album as a duo in 2017. As a keyboardist, McVie appeared less in the role of the lead singer than Stevie Nicks, but she lent her voice several world hits.

at the turn of the millennium McVie retired more and more

at the end of the nineties Christine Mcvie left the group because the tours, according to her own statement, became too strenuous. Then she pulled back from the public as far as possible. It only got in again in 2014 and regularly toured Fleetwood Mac. On November 20, 2019, McVie gave her last concert with the band on the tour for the 50th band anniversary.

"A few hours ago I was told that my best friend in the whole world has died since the first day in 1975," said Stevie Nicks on Wednesday evening. "We see each other on the other side, my love."

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