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53-fold wages of employees: Salaries of top managers significantly increased

Wednesday  17:00,   28 september 2022

The salary scissors between top managers and their employees in the DAX groups diverge widely last year. After a strong salary plus, the board of directors of the stock market heavy weights in 2021 earned an average of 53 times as much as their... >>>

Tim Cook: Apple is building a development location in Munich from

Wednesday  17:00,   28 september 2022

Apple will further expand its hardware and software development in Munich in the coming months and years. This was announced by CEO Tim Cook in the Bavarian capital. "Since the first attitude of an engineer in 2015, Munich has developed into the... >>>

Twitter ensures that Elon Musk has no evidence on the false accounts of the social network

Wednesday  11:40,   28 september 2022

© Michaelvi/Adobe Stock Twitter ensures that Elon Musk has no evidence on the false accounts of the social network The network Social seems certain that Tesla boss analysts have no evidence concerning a supposed undervaluation of the number of... >>>

In the event of a false surface, the buyer may not be compensated

Wednesday  10:01,   28 september 2022

© Chanchai Saeheng/Charchai Saeheng - Stock.adobe.com The buyer of a house claimed compensation because the building had been announced at 155 meters squares when it only reached 139 square meters, 10% less. The seller of a property was able to... >>>

astronauts not alone: ​​Mysterious way of life on the ISS is discovered

Tuesday  14:20,   27 september 2022

It sounds like a horror film: The astronauts of the ISS are apparently shared with extraterrestrial residents. Who is on board? © DIMA_ZEL/ISTOCK The International Space Station, in the background the earth extraterrestrial life in the film "Life"... >>>

Google refuted popular myth about cheap flights - what is really true

Tuesday  08:20,   27 september 2022

When booking a flight, you can save a lot of money if you take into account different tips. An expert explains which these are and also clears up with a popular but wrong myth. © provided by Finanzen.net Spencer Platt/Getty Images The costs for a... >>>

Cluster headache: 1. Self -help group in Saxony is founded

Tuesday  07:40,   27 september 2022

© provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung Cluster headache: 1. Self -help group in Saxony is founding by Bettina Erler The pain comes out of nowhere, often out of sleep at night. Then Torsten Göbel has insane one -sided headaches, mostly they... >>>

Star Wars: Dark Vador now doubled by an artificial intelligence

Tuesday  06:30,   27 september 2022

© the Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Maxppp / Photoshot / Maxppp Star Wars, Dark Vador, James Earl Jones, Dublage, Intelligence ArtiLIEL, IA, L A Voix Voix From Dark Vader will never change. For 45 years, James Earl Jones has been... >>>

You could soon ride in a mini in the colors of Lidl

Tuesday  00:30,   27 september 2022

© Julien Sarboraria You could soon ride in a mini in the colors of Lidl after sneakers and sweaters, here is the car in the colors of the German distribution sign. Lidl is associated with the mini car manufacturer to win a vehicle that will not go... >>>

Functional and chic: This dark green H & M-Regenparka is fully in the trend

Monday  21:50,   26 september 2022

© PR This raincoat from H&M has everything that is 2022 fashion trend The Jacken trends 2022 showed it: Rain jackets are out this year The functional dress corner - and now belong to the trendy street style. If you are looking for a trendy version... >>>

I believe in myself! These stars used the law of attraction to make their dreams come true ...

Monday  15:10,   26 september 2022

Separation with the Reimanns and she already has another ... © Imago / Eibner Konny Reimann and Manuela Reimann Bitter news Reimann. Shortly after the separation, she already presents a man at her... >>>

Make Apple Small yourself: Simple recipe

Monday  14:10,   26 september 2022

whether you enjoy it yourself or pass it on as a gift from the kitchen to friends and family - even made apple brica is delicious, light and quick. The enormous variety of apple varieties offers the right thing for every taste and purpose. Not only >>>

Fitbit: The Google account will be made available in the coming year

Monday  13:50,   26 september 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Fitbit Cover that Fitbit will set the synchronization with Windows and MacOS has been clear for a few weeks now. In the coming year, however, the manufacturer of wearables and fitness trackers, which is now part of Google, >>>

10 Fruits with high glycemic index to avoid

Monday  12:40,   26 september 2022

© ISTOCPHOTO 10 Fruits with glycemic index high to avoid rich in fructose, fruits can have a strong sweetening power. But what are the glycemic indexes the highest? Discover them. YOUR BROWSER DOES NOT Support This Video Some fruits to consume in... >>>

Automotive pollution: More and more areas with low emissions in Europe

Monday  12:40,   26 september 2022

© AFP/Ben Stansall London (England) is one of the European cities that have set up a low -emission zone (green panel). AFP/Ben Stansall in 1996, they were not yet called areas with low emissions but environmental zone. It was Sweden that was a... >>>