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Tuesday  08:50,   27 september 2022

salad both generous and tasty, the Caesar salad is often unanimous! Gourmand offers your Caesar -like salad recipe, ideal for lunch break or a quick dinner to prepare! 1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. 2. Cut the bread into small cubes. Put them in a >>>

Monkey Variole: Open vaccination in Pharmacies

Sunday  00:50,   25 september 2022

© Adobe Stock Monkey Variole: vaccination open in pharmacies this Friday, a decree published in the Official Journal informs that vaccination against the variole of the monkey will be open to pharmacies . Questioned by the AFP, the Directorate... >>>

with 60,000 Lego, they will reproduce the famous Bayeux tapestry

Sunday  00:20,   18 september 2022

© Ouest-France An association of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) launched an unusual challenge for European Heritage Days: right next to the museum where is kept The famous Bayeux tapestry (Calvados), two scenes from the epic of Guillaume the Conqueror is... >>>

What the armored Dingo vehicles distinguishes

Thursday  19:40,   15 september 2022

Berlin. Germany wants to deliver new weapons to Ukraine after increasing pressure. In addition to rockets, Ukraine should get vehicles of the type Dingo. What distinguishes the tanks. © Philipp Schulze The all-protection transport vehicle of the... >>>

Charles III: Two new dogs in Buckingham Palace (and these are not corgis)

Thursday  12:30,   15 september 2022

© Lawson Danny/PA Photos/Abaca Charles III: two new dogs at Buckingham Palace (and these are not corgis) Death of Elisabeth II on September 8, made millions of unfortunate people around the world. Among them, his two dogs, corgis named Muick and... >>>

vestiges of an old Roman turret discovered on the Hadrian wall in England

Wednesday  18:50,   14 september 2022

The turret, the structure of which has been uncovered, is 11 meters high and extends over a little more than 2 meters. She was discovered during work to build student housing. Funny discovery made near Newcastle in England very recently. As the... >>>

Madagascar: Bales strandings push the authorities to improve the alert protocol

Wednesday  10:20,   14 september 2022

© Sarah Tetaud/RFI The researcher Anjara Saloma analyzes the latest photos received from the humpback whale discovered on a Mahajanga beach on the past weekend. Despite its advanced state of decomposition, the species is recognizable thanks to its... >>>

He sells his apartment to acquire a violin at 3.5 million euros

Monday  15:42,   12 september 2022

© Miguel Medina / AFP The German-American violinist, David Garrett will have to sell an apartment to finance his new violin. Violinist David Garrett made a great birthday present. For his 42 years, he offered himself for 3.5 million euros, during... >>>

In the Medoc, Grands Crus, Oysters and Escrection on the menu of the Marathon "The Longest in the World"

Saturday  23:13,   10 september 2022

© AFP U does not twenty glasses of red wine, oysters and a rib steak served in the middle of the race: the marathon of the marathon Médoc, reputed to be "the longest in the world", organized on Saturday in Pauillac, claims a liver and kidneys well... >>>

oldest evidence of amputation: Simple Stone Age man discovered

Wednesday  21:50,   07 september 2022

in the western world Amputations have only been a standard repertoire for a short time. The knowledge of how the operating room succeeds has had a much longer, as a bone find on Borneo shows. © Tim Maloney/ dpa A skeleton found on Borneo with only... >>>

Marseille. A complaint filed after the discovery of six dogs abandoned in a house

Wednesday  15:10,   07 september 2022

© Public Domainpictures / Pixabay An animal protection association filed a complaint after the discovery of six dogs locked up in an abandoned house in Marseille, Thursday, September 1, 2022. Photo D 'drawing. locked in an abandoned house in... >>>

snoring is said to go with an increased risk of cancer

Wednesday  13:30,   07 september 2022

© provided by bang showbiz sleeping snoring people should have a higher risk of cancer. A study has shown that sleepy sleepers also develop blood clots with increasing age and lose their brain performance faster. Around 1.5 million British suffer... >>>

"Imperialist practices", Egyptian archaeologists demand the return of ancient treasures

Tuesday  09:30,   06 september 2022

© Amir Makar / AFP The former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities is currently campaigning so that treasures of the time, currently exposed in Europe, be returned to Egypt as soon as possible. Several archaeologists want in particular to recover the... >>>

Australia: controversy around the fight against crocodile attacks in Queensland

Monday  12:10,   05 september 2022

© Leigh Bedford / Wikimedia We identify between 20,000 and 30,000 crocodiles in Queensland, a figure that remains stable since the introduction, in the 1970s , protection measures of the species. In Australia, the government of Queensland,... >>>

Tutti Frutti: 8 Delicious species to enjoy blackberries!

Monday  09:30,   05 september 2022

The Ravensburger Verlag recently announced that Winnetou children's books be taken out of the trade. Now actor Dieter Hallervorden is commenting on the decision. © Imago / Future Image Dieter Hallervorden The Ravensburger Verlag recently announced... >>>